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     A singer finds herself in a safe space to open up about the discrimination she has experienced.

Short documentary by: Marcel Enderle
Testimony and Original Song: Zi Vasconcellos
Assistant: Vera Enderle 



client: NIWA

director: Marcel Enderle

editing: Marcel Enderle

grading: Marcel Enderle

assistents: Duani Shigueki, João Antunes, Roxanne Nishiwaki

art producer: NIWA

executive producer: Maria Ito

actresses: Áurea Dantas, Ayako Takano

makeup, hairstyle and costume: NIWA



  Two times Grammy Awards winner Edu Ribeiro present us with this insane drum solo.


Editing - Marcel Enderle

Color Grading - Marcel Enderle

Original Soundtrack - Marcel Enderle

Mixing - Marcel Enderle

Photography - Marcelo Hallit

Coordination - Stephanie Bevilaqua

Opening for
casa do saber



  Original composition for five strings  and its animated graphic notation inspired by the work of the artist Tomie Ohtake. The animation follows, through the duration of the piece, the sum of each one of the five strings music score. 

The Drummer and the Scooter


    One big room with one hell of a reverb. Filled in with a drummer. And a guy with his scooter.



       Musical composition and development demonstrated by jars. And some bounce balls. Winner of Festival do Minuto.

color grading


      Color for Infinito Brasileiro, a miniseries featuring Gilberto Gil.


top right - Apolo Torres, Willian Mophos and 3ªVisão

bottom right- Paulo Ito

bottom left- Cadume


Work series of music and animation over various grafitti paitings through the city of São Paulo during the grey era (a time when the mayor decided to erase all street art with grey paint). "Surfistas" was a winner of Festival do Minuto.



  Saxophones are used to extend the performance of the dancers into sound. Music composed over a short fragment of the triadic ballet “Triadisches Ballett von Oskar Schlemmer” 

Sound Design


  Using sound design to create a different narrative over the original image. Picardy third as a conclusion.


A piano improvisation over a kind of weird photographs (top left), conceptual test of a girl who listen to the presence of other peoples through her feelings (left bottom) and getting some diferent piano sounds using table tennis balls.

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